Dexterity and Motor Planning Activity Sheets

The following list are the activity description sheets that are available for the dexterity and motor planning station. Click on each activity to access the printable PDF activity sheet.  If a worksheet is available for the activity, click on the worksheet link for the printable PDF.

Pencil Grasp and Writing Pressure
Bean Art alphabet cards upper case
alphabet cards lower case
Apple Man Fold
Clothespin Letter Box  alphabet cards lower case
alphabet cards upper case
Eye Dropper Painting
Feely Meely Bag
Finger String Play
Geoform Rubber Band Wrap
Hole Punch Art
Buried Treasure
Play Dough Pizza Making
Q-tip Flip Painting  UC & LC Q-tip painting
Q-tip Letter Painting
Q-tip Letter Painting 2
Shaving Cream Writing
Straw Necklace
Styrofoam Poke
Tissue Paper Letters
Toothpick Construction
Tootsie Pop Spiders
Tweezer Time

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