Opportunity to Practice

Following the whole group letter formation instruction, students are given the opportunity to practice the letter formation using an individual sized dry erase board.

  • Motor practice is an essential element in the development of a motor plan for each letter.
  • It is recommended that the dry erase boards have pre-printed, wide lines to serve as visual cues for letter sizing and alignment.
  • The students practice the letter formation in their small groups.
  • The adult instructor for each group monitors the practice and when needed, corrects stroke sequence, sizing, and alignment.
  • The adult instructor makes notations about students who need feedback to correct errors during practice. This information is used in the instructors’ planning session.
  • The adult instructor provides positive feedback for correct stroke sequence, directionality, sizing, and alignment so that all small group members can hear the positive reinforcement.
  • The instructors repeat the same verbal cues for each letter and encourage the students to use the same verbal cues during their practice.

Intervention Strategies for Individual Support

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