SIMPLE Verbal Cues (3 to 5 words)

See SIMPLE verbal cues (3 to 5 words) to describe the stroke sequence for the letter formation.

  • Simple and developmentally appropriate language is used.
  • ┬áThe cues for each letter are consistent throughout the 12 week program.
  • The handwriting curriculum used by the district may dictate the verbal cues. However, it is recommended that the team review and modify the cues as needed to insure that they are simple and easy.
  • The cues are developed and agreed on by all team members during the collaboration meeting and subsequently used consistently throughout classroom instruction.
  • Some examples of verbal cues modified from a variety of handwriting styles: calling letters with descending lines “basement letters” (Stevenson 1989), “tallies” for tall letters and “smallies” for small letters, use of C reference to reinforce directionality of formation for a, d, g, o and q, “weeee” for sliding down a slide for downward diagonal lines and taking off like an airplane for upward diagonal lines. (Olson, 2001).

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