What is Write Start?

The Write Start Program is a comprehensive, activity based program in which first grade students learn handwriting and writing.  In the Write Start program, occupational therapists and teachers collaborate to provide effective instruction for all students and individualized accommodations for students at risk for handwriting problems.   The goal is for first grade students to become legible and fluent writers.  Using activities that engage and motivate students, the 12 week program includes:

  • specific instruction on letter formation
  • small group activities that focus on visual motor integration, fine motor skills, and cognitive skills foundational to handwriting and writing
  • extensive adult modeling, monitoring, and feedback
  • facilitation of peer supports and peer evaluation
  • promotion of student self regulation and evaluation.   

All  Write Start activities follow the first grade curricular writing goals,  are appropriate for a range of skill levels and can be modified to meet individual student’s needs.

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