Write Start Program Format

  • Each week of the 12-week program there are two 45 minute sessions (session 1 and session 2) for a total of 24 sessions.
  • The session are conducted in the classroom by the occupational therapist (OT), the classroom teacher, and a third support person (e.g., paraprofessional, intervention specialist, specialized teacher)
  • The sessions are a combination of team teaching and station teaching.
  •  The content of the sessions change week to week with regards to the letters taught, the station activities and the supports and accommodations being used.
  • The format of session 1 and session 2 is consistent for weeks 1-6.
  • Beginning in week 7 the format for session 2 changes to accommodate the students’ developing literacy skills.
  • It is recommended that the sessions be conducted with at least one day between the sessions to provide for opportunities within the classroom to practice and apply the letters learned in session 1 prior to session 2.

Use the links below to access a printable table that describes the session formats in detail.

Session 1 table

Session 2 table


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