Order of letter instruction

  • Letters should be taught in a developmental sequence (from simplest to more difficult strokes) in groups with similar strokes.
  • Lower case letters are emphasized in this program since most students have spent more time on upper case letters in preschool and kindergarten, and developmentally students at this age have the ability to produce the strokes needed for lower case letter formation.  Upper case letters are reviewed for every letter.
  • For a 12 week program, such as Write Start, the recommended sequence is:

Week 1:  c/C, a/A, o/O
Week 2: d/D, g/G
Week 3:   s/S, e/E
Week 4: t/T, l/L, i/I
Week 5: v/V, w/W
Week 6: u/U, j/J
Week 7: k/K, y/Y
Week 8: p/P, r/R
Week 9: n/N, m/M
Week 10: h/H, b/B
Week 11: f/F, q/Q
Week 12: x/X, z/Z

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