Ongoing Monitoring of Students’ Learning

Students are assessed weekly to monitor their handwriting progress.  The assessment activity is a 2-minute copying task. The assessment occurs during session 2 immediately following the 5-minute recall of learning and letter review. (Session 2 Format Table)

  • The sample is used by the O.T. and classroom teacher to assess student performance and to plan subsequent sessions.
  • The handwriting sample consists of the sentence developed by the O.T. and teacher during the collaboration meeting, and stresses the letters learned that week.  It is important that the sentence is at the appropriate reading level and is the appropriate length for a 1st grader. (list of sentences)
  • The sentence is typed on a lined piece of paper followed by a blank line, using a font that matches the manuscript style used in the classroom. The sentence should be typed multiple times on the paper so that the students can copy from the line directly above the writing line. (sample of copying worksheet)
  • The students copy the sentence as many times as possible for a 2 minute period.
  • Prior to copying the sentence, the students are given the following instructions as the adult instructor passes out the papers. “I am giving you a piece of paper with a sentence printed on it. The sentence says (read the sentence). When I say go, copy this sentence as many times as you can until I say stop. Do you have any questions?”
  • After answering the students questions, begin the timed writing assessment using the following directions. “When I say go, write the sentence as many times as you can, until I say stop. Go”
  • After 2 minutes, say “Stop” and ask the students to turn over their papers and drop their pencils.  It may also be helpful to practice the stop routine. Students tend to keep writing beyond the time limit in an attempt to finish the sentence.  Dropping their pencil and raising their arms is a fun way to stop and allows the instructors to quickly see students who do not stop.
  • The writing samples are assessed for legibility (letter formation, letter sizing, spacing, and baseline alignment) using the Handwriting Legibility Rubric and for the number of legible letters written in 2 minutes.
  • Due to time constraints, the team may want to consider only assessing the samples for letter legibility and number of legible letters written in 2 minutes.
  • Results of the assessment are recorded weekly in a spreadsheet and shared with all team members.
  • The assessment data and actual handwriting samples are used at the weekly team collaboration meeting to review student performance and to plan future instructional strategies, student supports and station activities.

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