Initial Student Assessment

It is important to assess each student’s handwriting and writing skills relevant to the other students. There are many ways to accomplish this, but the recommended approach is to use the results of any classroom based assessments conducted by the classroom teacher during the first two weeks of school in combination with the teacher’s impression of the students’ skill levels. ¬†Using the results of these assessments, the classroom teacher identifies each student as a strong writer (1), average writer (2) or struggling writer (3).

The teaching team assigns students to small  heterogeneous groups using the initial assessment information.  Each group should have a balance of strong writers, average writers and struggling writers. The class is divided into three, equal sized groups. The size of the group will depend on the class size, but 6-8 is recommended. The small group, with a blending of skill levels, allows for effective facilitation of peer supports and peer modeling. It also allows for teacher and O.T. support to be provided where it is needed the most.

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